President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail following treatment for coronavirus. In the rally in Florida, Trump tried to overcome Joe Biden's poll lead by downplaying the effects of the virus and mocking Biden's cautiousness.
The backbone of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign was undoubtedly the 90 rallies he held in seats across the country, whipping up
'This is what people want, not what the establishment tells them they should'.
“This is just great,” one couple in their 60s tell me. “We have always voted Labour and we probably would never vote any
Here are some of the quotes from the secretary general's speech at Cosatu's May Day rally.
The following day I was in hospital for tests and then transferred to another hospital. All the time with a member of family by my side. I organised deferring exams from my hospital bed and got friends to tell the others who needed to know.
Corbyn simply embodies a Labour Party which, to them, is finally doing what a left-wing party ought to do. Perhaps some less ideologically-driven Labour members will have peeled off from Corbyn simply in the hope of ending the chaos. But in Salford on Saturday, Corbynmania was alive and well.
A protester has been assaulted at a Donald Trump rally in the US, in dramatic scenes that were captured on camera. The man