01/02/2016 08:10 GMT | Updated 01/02/2016 10:59 GMT

House Of Fraser Twitter Account's 'Emojinal' Campaign Backfires After Customers Believe It Had Been Hacked

When it comes to viral marketing campaigns, brands are always seeking new and innovative ways to get into your timeline and news feed.

But House of Fraser's latest Twitter campaign backfired somewhat, when the store's loyal customers accused it of being controlled by children before declaring their intention to 'unfollow'.

The campaign began on Monday morning, when the brand tweeted three emojis, including a gun pointing at a house symbol.

It went on to post images with photoshopped emojis, including a cheeky tweet directed at rapper Kanye West.

Dozens of people stumbled across the bizarre tweets, with one accusing the brand of "giving the password to a 12-year-old".

Even House of Fraser's competitiors joined in.

Some people were thoroughly unimpressed, however.

The department store isn't the only household name to come under scrutiny for their use of emoticons. Singer Cher was criticised for embarking on an emoji-laden rant about ISIS last year.

House of Fraser told City AM it is seeking new ways of connecting with a "younger audience" around Valentine's Day. Although now it appears to be leaving its existing followers behind.