US Election Getting You Down? These Four Life Hacks Can Help Make You Happy

If you've been filled with an impending sense of doom following Trump's victory in the US presidential election, we've got your back.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their shock and upset, but we can offer a few pieces of advice to boost your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.

Try these happiness hacks today and stay strong.

Smiling reduces stress, increases productivity and re-trains the brain to be happy. Even faking a smile has a positive effect on the body, so give it a go and you'll be beaming for real before you know it.

Putting on some feel-good tunes has been found to increase dopamine levels in the brain, which leaves you feeling energised and ready to seize the day.

Quit eating lunch at your desk and go for a wonder during your lunch break. It's been shown to fight depression by releasing endorphins and alleviating stress. On top of all that it may even strengthen your memory.

Getting some extra sleep during the day boosts clarity, can reverse the affects of a bad night's sleep and slows ageing. We certainly don't need telling twice.