Hilary Barry In Laughing Fit After Reporting On Diplomat Who Defecated On Woman's Doorstep

A newsreader has joked that she could be out of a job after crying with laughter while reporting on a bomb explosion on a plane in Somalia.

New Zealand presenter Hilary Barry could hardly speak throughout the reading after losing her composure during the previous story.

Her rapturous laughter was due to an "emergency defecation situation" that saw a former Malaysian military officer have a poo on a woman's doorstep.

Hilary Barry could not contain her laughter

The pre-recorded report about the indecent assault trial, was covered by journalist Emily Cooper who said:

“Mohammed Rizalman once had an untainted two decade-long career in the Malaysian military; today he’ll be sentenced for indecent assault. In November he admitted following then-21-year-old Tanya Billingsly home.

"He said he’d had an ‘emergency defecation situation’ and needed to use her bathroom, but the judge in the case found he had a sexual motive.”

At this point Barry burst into a giggling fit, repeating the phrase "emergency defecation situation" repeatedly. "I think I’m having one myself," she joked.

According to local news sources, Rizalman had waited outside Billingsley’s Wellington home for 30 minutes, and defecated on her patio, before walking into her bedroom naked from the waist down.

He told the courtroom he was in an "emergency defecation situation".

Unfortunately for the newsreader the next story was a serious one, and she struggled to contain her amusement whilst reporting on the deadly blast.

At the end of the broadcast she said "Today could be the day I lose my job... still, I’d get to lie in."

Rizalman was sentenced to nine months home detention.

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