Jeremy Corbyn Would Be Replaced By McDonnell If He Was Killed By Bus-Driving Boris, Ken Livingstone Says

'What Would Happen If Bus-Driving Boris Killed Corbyn?' Livingstone Muses

Ken Livingstone has bizarrely speculated who would take Jeremy Corbyn's place if the Labour leader was run over and killed by Boris Johnson, during a TV interview.

The former London mayor and Corbyn ally indulged in a fanciful scenario to make the point that shadow chancellor John McDonnell would be promoted to head the party in the event of his leader's unfortunate demise.

Livingstone told how the current leader, elected in September, could be "pushed under a bus being driven by Boris Johnson", leaving McDonnell to inherit the electoral Macbeth-esque throne.

"It would all rally behind John McDonnell," Livingstone mused, appearing on Russia Today's Sam Delaney programme.

Could Johnson kill off Corbyn to make way for McDonnell's accession?

Defending the scenario, he added: "John, like Jeremy, like me, has been in this game for 45 years.

"We've always been serious, always been principled, never gone sucking up to Blair saying 'please give us a job, so, it would be John."

Livingstone then changed his mind about the nature of Corbyn's expiration, saying it could well be from a stroke instead. We hope you're as enthralled as we are.

"It would be John. It'd be John McDonnell -" he said defiantly, "- if Jeremy was to have a stroke or something like that."

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