No Twitter Isn't Turning Into Facebook 2.0 Says CEO Jack Dorsey

Everyone Remain Calm, Twitter ISN'T Becoming Facebook 2.0

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that Twitter will not be bringing in a new algorithmic timeline after a report by Buzzfeed suggesting as such caused '#RIPTwitter' to start trending.

The Buzzfeed story claimed that Twitter would test out a new algorithmic timeline this week that would re-order tweets by relevance rather than the time they were sent out.

This would place Twitter's feed more in line with the algorithm that now powers Facebook's News Feed, a fact that was not overlooked by protesting users.

It should be pointed out that Twitter has actually experimented with this feature already. Selected users late last year found that their timelines had started changing to prioritise tweets with more engagement.

It has also been rumoured that as part of the many big changes going on at Twitter, the company is also considering scrapping the 140-character limit in favour of a massive 10,000 character limit.

With Twitter's culture of immediacy, it's not clear how the company would implement this change but again Jack Dorsey tried to explain saying:

This has been a big 12 months for Twitter which have announced a range of new features from Periscope livestreams now being integrated directly into Twitter to the replacement of the 'Favourite' button with a new 'Like' button.


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