11/02/2016 06:34 GMT | Updated 11/02/2016 06:59 GMT

Daily Express EU Referendum Poll Can Be Effortlessly Gamed

Last week the Daily Express published a front page story lauding an "exclusive" poll purporting to show the massive majority of Brits who want to leave the EU.

The Express' use of its own website poll as the basis for a story was questioned by pollsters and journalists alike.

Despite the results being widely lampooned as a "voodoo poll" that even Ukip couldn't endorse, just six days later it was run again when the figure passed the 100,000 milestone.

Accompanying the headline was the assertion it "proves" Britain wants out despite 64,000,000 of the 64,100,000 people in the UK not casting a vote.

The poll in question is a simple embeddable tool that allows you to vote once in the poll.

Unless, that is, you were to open the page in an incognito window, which would allow you to vote over and over again.

So go and have your say here.

The poll does have some fans within Ukip, however. MP Douglas Carswell said: "The Daily Express, your readers and your online polling is spearheading the campaign and we are now ahead in the polls. We really can do this.

"We can celebrate our independence this summer by winning this referendum."