12/02/2016 05:43 GMT | Updated 12/02/2016 05:59 GMT

What Pregnant Women Around The World Pack In Their Maternity Bags

Fascinating photos have revealed what expectant mothers all over the world pack in their maternity bag before they give birth.

As part of WaterAid's 'Deliver Life' campaign - to bring safe, clean water to newborns and their mums - the charity photographed and interviewed womeninternationally.

Depending on where in the world they were giving birth, the items women chose to take to the hospital ranged from being life-savers to simple luxuries.


Two of the maternity bags photographed in the series.

"When I see these photographs, and meet women in similar situations, I am always struck by the harsh reality they face when giving birth in such risky conditions," Barbara Frost, WaterAid’s chief executive said.

"That is why our Deliver Life appeal is focused on water and sanitation facilities to help ensure a clean environment and good hygiene, giving hope for mother and baby.

"Simple but true."

There were several key maternity bag items that a lot of women had in common, including blankets to the wrap the baby in, baby clothes and a water bottle or flask.

However, there were also marked differences. Some items packed by mums-to-be were largely dictated by whether they can rely on the hospital having clean water and hygienic conditions during their labour.

"All of us want every newborn baby to get the best possible start in life," added Frost.

"Midwives and hospital staff want to be able to do the job that they trained for – to deliver life. But this isn’t possible without safe water, toilets and good hygiene."

View the photo series below.

Photo gallery Water Aid's Deliver Life: Maternity Bags See Gallery

WaterAid’s Deliver Life appeal aims to reach 130,000 mums and their families around the world this winter with safe water.


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Photo gallery Water Aid's Deliver Life: Maternity Bags See Gallery