LBC Listeners Left Livid After Phone-In Host Asks Whether Women Can Be Good Mums And Bosses

Kay Burley is among a group of incensed radio listeners who blasted a phone-in host for musing the delicate topic of women can "really be both good mums and have good careers at the same time".

The Sky News anchor last night took aim at the male LBC presenter, who she accused of "telling me I can't be both a successful mum and a professional". She rounded off the riposte with "#sillyMan" for good measure.

Other journalists, including BBC county cricket broadcaster Elizabeth Ammon, piled in to criticise the nature of the debate.

Despite the question still being one some mothers ask themselves, many listeners lamented the nature of the debate.

But others were left in complete certainty about the answer to presenter Ian Collins' original question.

LBC declined to comment to HuffPost UK on the complaints of their listeners.