'This Morning' Segment Showing Children Pole Dancing Sparks Online Debate

ITV's 'This Morning' sparked an online debate after showing three girls, aged eight to 11, pole dancing live on air.

The segment was discussing whether pole dancing as a form of exercise is too sexual for young children.

The children's pole dancing teacher, Zoe Hardy, 33, and two of their mums, Lisa Grosse and Lorraine Handbury, went on the show to defend the hobby.

Viewers debated on whether pole dancing was "sexualising" young children

Using the suggested #PoleDanceDebate, viewers expressed their thoughts on Twitter, both positive and negative.

"There are so many other ways to get kids into fitness without teaching them pole 'fitness'," tweeted one person. "Especially with those outfits."

Others also commented on the girls' outfits, which were short black hot pants and white cropped shirts tied up above their belly.

However, there were some people who disagreed that this type of exercise was "sexualising" children, with some praising its benefits.

The debate was sparked by a recent comment by psychologist Emma Kenny who publicly said she disagreed with children pole dancing for fitness.

"For people to tell me that pole dancing isn't sexualised beggars belief," she tweeted.

"Kids shouldn't be gyrating on poles. Adults can do what they like."

Watching the routine on This Morning, Kenny said: "It's got connotations to something far more salubrious.

"And even the outfits seen in the studio today I don't think are resonant of childhood."

One of the mothers, Lisa Grosse, explained that her daughter Tilly-Mae, eight, was overweight until she started pole fitness lessons.

She added: "It's fitness. There's nothing provocative about it."

And 11-year-old Tilly's mum said: "She likes to challenge herself, so why not?

"There’s a pole in the playground they play at, they climb up it, they spin round it and down. What’s the difference?"

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