Woman Uses Paint Roller To Apply Fake Tan, It Goes Horribly Wrong

One woman's quest for a perfectly even tan has seriously backfired.

Imogen Tyger-Lillie Silversides said she spotted a Facebook post remarking on the wonders of applying fake tan with a paint roller.

Curious to see if it worked, Silversides tried it out for herself. But it didn't quite go as planned.

Silversides, who is from Scarborough, said she spotted a viral post from Facebook user Amy Ridley, which claimed that using paint rollers to apply fake tan could help get an even glow.

The idea behind using the paint roller was to prevent streaks and stop fake tan from getting everywhere.

But after trying the life hack for herself, Silversides was left the colour of a "dining room table".

Since the photograph of her fake tan disaster went viral, Silversides has shared a new profile picture which shows her looking, ahem, a little paler.

Something tells us she'll be sticking to tanning mitts from now on.