Adele Pranks Juice Shop Employees During Hilarious Ellen DeGeneres Stunt (VIDEO)

Aside from being able to sing a bit, Adele is also rather nifty at pulling off some pretty decent practical jokes.


Fresh from fooling a group of Adele wannabe’s on her BBC One special, the singer was at it again on Ellen DeGeneres’ US TV show this week.

This time she had the employees of a juice counter in her sights, when, along with a little help from Ellen, she did her very best impression of a popstar who probably needs a bit of a lie down.

The stunt at the Jamba Juice store saw Adele chomping on wheatgrass, downing a miniature bottle of booze and empyting the contents of her bag on the counter, which included knives and a toilet roll.

Mmmmm, tasty

We won’t spoil any more of what happens, but rest assured, it’s another classic comic turn from the ‘Hello’ singer.

Is there no end to this woman’s talents?

Watch Adele in action in the full video clip below...

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