The Pope Trolled By Outraged Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is well-known for getting in spats but his latest is quite a biggie.

He's taken on the Pope.

Trump has branded Pope Francis "disgraceful" for claiming the Republican presidential frontrunner was "not a Christian" over his pledge to build a wall across the US-Mexico border while on a tour of Central America.

Needless to say the Republican presidential frontrunner's supporters are a touch outraged.

First off is this now-deleted beauty which does highlight the fact none of us have ever actually seen the Pope's job description.

A lot of people were so incandescent with rage they threw all grammar and punctuation out the window.

Some even decided the whole affair made them the authority of authentic Christianity.

No, we have no idea what the bartending link is either.

"We do not mix church and state." Hmm...

Top marks for Twitter handle imagination here.

And this is just pure religious mutiny.


"Mr" Pope.

Maybe Marie, but a massive wall isn't part of them.

Not sure what a "folloe" is.

It's only a "dam wall" if it;'s holding back a large volume of water fyi.

Maybe a wall made of dope?

This is just harsh.

Think you'll find he has quite a lot of right.


Spill coffee on the caps lock button?

And this chap is just confused.