Brexit Debate Sees David Cameron Loses His Temper: 'I Have No Agenda'

Cameron Loses His Temper During Brexit Debate

David Cameron today defended the deal he struck in Brussels last week and launched an angry attack on Boris Johnson's motives for backing Brexit.

The prime minister used a statement to the Commons to formally set out his case to MPs for a 'Remain' vote at the June 23 referendum.

And in what has been interpreted as a direct swipe at Boris, Cameron suggested others had picked a side based on ulterior motives.

"I am not standing for re-election. I have no other agenda than what is best for our country. I am standing here today telling you what I think," he told MPs.

"My responsibility as prime minister is to speak plainly about what I believe is right for our country. And that is what I will do every day for the next four months."

Boris has been accused of choosing to back Brexit as a political tactic designed to secure him the leadership of the Conservative Party once Cameron steps down before 2020.


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