EU Referendum: Owen Jones Says Boris Johnson Could Run Naked Through London And Still Be Popular

Guardian columnist Owen Jones has lashed out at Boris Johnson's decision to back the leave the European Union campaign, describing his statement as a "rambling incoherent mess".

The 31-year-old poked fun at the London mayor's public image saying Johnson could "run naked smothered in honey down Whitehall and people would say LOL what a legend".

Labour-supporter Jones was debating Johnson's EU stance with The Times writer and former Conservative Tim Montgomerie.

Owen Jones was joined by Tim Montgomerie of The Times

Jones was not hesitant to tear down Boris' statement, revealing his support for a Brexit, which he made outside his home on Sunday.

"Even by his standards Mr Johnson that was a pretty rambling incoherent mess of a statement.

"Those supporting the out campaigns think that normal rules don't apply to Boris Johnson. A normal politician comes up with a statement like that and they'd be ridiculed.

"But for Boris Johnson those rules don't apply."

During the admission Johnson stressed that he would not share a platform with Nigel Farage or George Galloway and would not take part in any TV debates opposing any fellow Conservatives.

Back in the BBC studio, Jones sided with Montgomerie's decision to leave the Conservative party amid the Brexit debate.

"Tim is the real deal, he is a man of principle a man of belief, he left his political party last week which for any political activist is one of the most difficult raw emotional things you could possibly do.

"He supports Brexit from that passionate perspective, [but] that is not the same thing with Boris Johnson.

"Boris Johnson has not been 'umming' and 'ahhing' over the last few days - he's not been thinking oh what's best for the British people? What's best for the future of this country? He's been thinking what's best for his own political career," Jones said.

But perhaps the most graphic moment of the BBC News debate was when Jones described the blonde-haired Conservative backbencher streaking through the streets of London.

"He's a character, he is contrived, he has kind of a bumbling image which people find quite adoring in a world full of machine politicians.

"At the moment if Boris Johnson ran naked smothered in honey down Whitehall - people would go LOL Boris Johnson what a legend".

Hitting back, Montgomerie said: "Boris displayed maturity in that position. He wouldn't be campaigning and debating against other Tories.

"I think it's still going to be difficult for the party though, reading the articles today by people like Liam Fox and Priti Patel and Michael Gove, there's some very significant criticisms of the Prime Minister's renegotiation deal. They do not have confidence in what he has achieved."

After weeks of speculation Johnson made clear in a piece for the Daily Telegraph that he felt an ‘Out’ vote would force Brussels to give the UK a better deal to thrive on its own terms within the EU.

In his article, Johnson admitted there was a risk of ‘tensions’ that could lead to Scottish independence but argued that “most of the evidence I have seen suggests that the Scots will vote on roughly the same lines as the English”.

His main argument was that Britons needed to vote Leave to halt creeping European federalism, declaring “this is the only opportunity we will ever have to show that we care about self-rule”.

On more than one occasion, the Tory MP has said he supports staying IN, and warned against the negative impacts of coming out.

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