9 Times David Cameron's Mum Would Have Told Him Off For Not Wearing A Tie

David Cameron gave out some flack at PMQs on Wednesday - hurling insults at Jeremy Corbyn across the Despatch Box for not wearing a tie properly.

In a bizarre throwback to the days of playground 'your mum' jokes, the Prime Minister quipped: "I think I know what my mother would say. She'd say: 'Put on a proper suit, do you your tie and sing the national anthem.'"

But it seems the Conservative leader could do with heeding his own sartorial advice a little more.

He's quite happily had meetings with world leaders, posed for national election campaign posters and wondered round the country meeting constituents, all the while without wearing either a suit or tie.

Disgraceful behaviour, we're sure Mary Cameron would agree.

So here are 9 times the Prime Minister could have done with paying more attention to his mother's apparel advice.

1. Prepping for the G8 with Putin

2. And later, sharing a laugh with Angela Merkel

3. Posing for his 2010 election poster

4. Skyping with Obama

5. Slipping-out at the Lord Chancellor's banquet

6. Speaking at a general election rally

7. Today, talking sans-tie in London - with Philip Hammond and Greg Hands both sporting ones

8.Campaigning for tie-wearing Zac Goldsmith

9. He managed it here. But did the PM dare admonish his chief election strategist, Lynton Crosby, for turning up to work like THIS?!

We doubt it.

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