Donald Trump's Biggest Fan Dresses As Wall With Mexico At Campaign Rally


Donald Trump's biggest fans went to a campaign rally dressed as one of the preposterous presidential candidate's most infamous policies.

Steve Travers was dressed as - no, nothing relating to Trump's pledge to ban Muslims from travelling to the US - but as a wall with the words 'MEXICO WILL PAY'.

This refers to Trump's pledge to build a wall with Mexico to keep them from crossing the border - and charging the Mexican government for the honour.

Steve Travers, dressed as a wall, awaits the arrival of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally

Travers, 61, also wore a "Trump Wall" hat to the event where Trump spoke on Saturday night in Orlando, Florida, having won in two of the four states that held contests to pick the next Republican presidential nominee, a contest Trump still leads.

He stood close behind Trump's podium as he spoke and claims he was asked to move by camera crews because his costume was proving a distraction in their footage.

“CNN asked me please would you move. I said I really don’t want to," he told The New York Post. "I like CNN, I like them… [but] I’m getting all the action."

During the rally, Trump told the 10,000-strong audience: “We will build the wall, don’t worry. We will build the wall and who’s going to pay for the wall?”

The audience shouted back "Mexico" and Trump replied: "You'd better believe it."

Trump's hour-long address was interrupted by protesters. In another surreal moment of one the most surreal campaigns in American history, Trump asked his audience to raise their right hands and make a pledge they would vote for him.

He said: "Let's do a pledge. Who likes me in this room? I've never done this before. Can I have a pledge? A swearing? Raise your right hand."

He then asked the crowd to repeat after him, saying: "I do solemnly swear that I, no matter how I feel, no matter what the conditions, if there are hurricanes or whatever, will vote on or before the 12th for Donald J. Trump for President."

He then said: "Now I know. Don't forget you all raised your hands. You swore. Bad things happen if you don't live up to what you just did."

Trump has called for rival Marco Rubio to drop out, who failed to win any states on Saturday, saying he wanted the contest for the Republican nomination to be between himself and Ted Cruz.

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