Women In History Quiz: Can You Name These Ground-Breaking Women?

Earlier this week, a shocking video showed Brits struggling to name three famous women from the past, as research shows 40% of people think women have had less impact on history than men.

In one hilarious clip, one person even asked if a picture of nineteenth century computer pioneer Ada Lovelace is Kim Kardashian.

When the members of the public were asked to name three men from history, they quickly picked figures like Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Henry the Eighth, but when asked to name three historical women, they descend into saying "err" and "umm".

Nearly half of Brits think that women have had less impact on history as men, according to an English Heritage survey underlining how female figures have been "wiped out of history".

Something has "gone wrong" with Britain's reading of history, says the charity, which asked over 2,000 people and found that just 5% said they considered women to have had more impact on history than men.

But how many famous historical women do you recognise? Try our quiz below to find out...

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