Abandoned McBarge Was Once A Floating McDonald's Restaurant

While the idea of eating your Big Mac while floating down a river might appeal to some, it seems the idea sank like a stone in 1986 - but the abandoned McBarge still exists.

Built in 1986 for Vancouver’s Expo ’86, the McBarge was supposed to represent a brave new vision for the food industry.

But alas, it seems people’s appetite for fast food didn’t quite stretch to eating while floating.

And so the McBarge has spent 30 sad years anchored offshore in Burrard Inlet, southwestern British Columbia.

However, a few brave souls have since ventured onto the floating restaurant…

The McBarge

But fear not, Maccie D’s lovers - the McBarge is destined for a new life!

Its new owner, Howard Meakin, president of Sturgeon’s Developments, told the Vancouver Sun: “It will be restored and refitted.

“It could be in Vancouver, but it could be in other places as well. We’re not saying exactly where it’s going to be located, but the plan is that it will undergo extensive renovations.

“And I can’t tell you what the plan is. We’re under a non-disclosure agreement, but it fits in with the 30th anniversary of the Exposition. It will all happen in 2016, and we expect that it’s going to take probably most of the year to do the work.

“It will remain in B.C., most definitely.”

Whether the barge will serve McChicken Nuggets has not yet been confirmed.