Florida Woman Banned From Keeping Potty-Trained, Quad Bike-Riding Alligator 'Rambo' As He's Too Big

A potty-trained alligator named 'Rambo', who understands sign language and can ride a quad bike, is being removed from his owner because at six-feet-long, he is now too big to stay at her home.

Mary Thorn adopted Rambo 11 years ago but has now been told by Florida Fish and Wildlife that in order to keep the 15-year-old reptile she has to move to a property with at least 2.5 acres of open space.

Thorn told the New York Daily News about the bond she has with her pet: “He’s like my son. He’s my family".

Mary Ann Thorn may lose her alligator 'Rambo' who she has trained to ride a quad bike

“He’s not a normal gator. He has never been a normal gator.”

Thorn said a recent growth spurt had meant Rambo was now too big to live indoors, something she credited with keeping him alive.

“We tried treating them like gators, and one-by-one, they died."

Thorn poses with Rambo who is now too big to be kept inside

Thorn said Rambo watches TV "on top of my dogs" and is so gentle "kids love him" and babies have their picture taken with him.

Thorn fears Rambo might die if separated from his family as he will be treated like a "normal gator, and he'll be dead in weeks".

Thorn fears 'Rambo' may die if he is kept like a 'normal gator'