The video shows several alligator snouts sticking out of the park’s frozen pond – a deep freeze caused by a cold front that covered most of the Eastern United States last week.
If asked to name the biggest river delta in the Lower 48 US states, most people would probably get it right and say the Mississippi. But the second biggest? It's Mobile Bay in Alabama, which is so aquatically biodiverse it's been called North America's Amazon. You'll find up to 500 species of birds here, and every kind of wildlife from sharks to black bears.
The boy was taken from an area where 'no swimming' signs were posted
Wildlife officials have pulled four alligators from the lagoon at Walt Disney World after a two-year-old boy was dragged
A potty-trained alligator named 'Rambo', who understands sign language and can ride a quad bike, is being removed from his
On 2 June microbiologists will be discussing how crocodiles, frogs and snakes can help us fight infections. Antibiotics are
Shocking footage has been uploaded online showing a giant alligator calmly swimming through the water with someone's pet
A Florida golf tournament went ahead as planned last week despite a huge alligator wandering around the green. The Myakka
Bristol’s most exotic and elusive resident has been spotted again – and this time he’s been photographed too. A series of