27/11/2014 04:00 GMT | Updated 26/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Gordon Brown Backed Down Because He Was Scared of Losing His Seat to the SNP

The last few days I have had a sense of deja vu. The Mary Chain have been rocking with verve and vigour, and it's been 1985 all over again - the Barrowlands had the roof removed over the weekend.

It's also back to dirty tricks time in the media this week, courtesy of the Scottish Labour Party. Their only policy in Scotland seems to be the exact opposite of the SNP, and they're now throwing as much mud at the walls in the desperate attempt that some will stick. Labour are going into meltdown now in Scotland, and just can't accept or realise that they are going to be like the Tories soon north of the border - a minority party.

And now the 'architect of the vow' has bailed out as well. This was inevitable, as he'd already lost his seat next year as retribution for siding with the Tories during the referendum like the majority of the Labour MPs will find in May, when the Scottish people elect candidates from the Yes Alliance parties. Labour will be doing well to hang onto a handful of seats up here.

So yet another major scalp Red Tory has fallen - Brown, Darling, Lamont, Sarwar, and more to come I hope.

Wee Gordy and Ally Bally must realise they will both be humiliated at the General Election, so have decided to abandon ship, which is a pity as seeing their faces as they got hammered at the hustings would have been delicious..

I thought they "won" the referendum? It's almost as if they're ashamed to be in the public eye now...

The No vote was bought by a combination of bribes and threats. Now it's time to honour your "vows", or else! Brown and Darling have bolted because they can't deliver what was promised. The two ex-chancellors are now chancers. And finally, are you still going to "personally hold the Prime Minister to his vow on Scotland", Gordon?

Total control over income tax isn't devo-max, and is yet another Labour u-turn by LONDON Labour masquerading in a tartan bunnet. This is a shill deal, full fiscal autonomy must be delivered, and nothing less.

Labour promise to keep austerity and be tougher on benefits than the Tories. Both the welfare rights commission and Scotland's only Tory MP also agree benefit cuts were responsible for the rise in food banks. The No camp voted for austerity and benefit "reforms".

So, if we vote Labour you will be fed lies and the same old, same old. None of the Scots Unionist Parties have anything new to offer. The SNP and another referendum is the only way forward. The UK is in a downward tailspin and the results in the future will be shown on the streets when the electorate all over the UK are sick and tired of the big three.

I also must be getting sentimental in my dotage, as watching the SNP event at the Hydro last week made me get a tad misty-eyed. Nicola has already been filling halls up and down Scotland the last few weeks, and the amount of people on the reserve list wanting tickets was also incredible. Let's face it over 12,000 turning up to hear politicians is amazing; there are exciting times ahead for Scotland.

And no wonder, the passion stirs in the FM's voice, Scotland is in good hands. Westminster's feet will be held to the fire by Nicola and the SNP . The fire burning in the pit of her belly is an inferno, and the rest of Scotland feels the same way. The referendum has reawakened the people of Scotland, and more and more will cross to the Yes camp. Eck was indeed correct when he said that "Hell hath no fury like a Nation scorned". The determination is there, Scotland is alive, the hope for better things will not die now. Westminster will pay for their years of arrogance and indolence. I have never seen my country as engaged as this ever and it's truly enlightening and inspiring.

The SNP shall deliver, and before the election campaign next year, I fully expect the old 'Tartan Tories' epithet to be dragged out of the lobby press by Labour. This is not inly insulting but laughable now. This happened in 1979, and the SNP has radically transformed, for the better. Meanwhile, Labour have abandoned everything that they once stood for - Keir Hardie must be spinning in his grave like a windwill in force ten gale, and remember, the SNP's vote in 1979 against the Callaghan government was as a result of Scotland being stabbed in the back by Labour after the referendum.

Nicola spoke to more people in one Saturday afternoon in Glasgow, than the Scottish Labour Party has as members!