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Douglas Ross says Labour, Tories and Lib Dems should work together "if parliamentary maths" allow after Holyrood election.
Glasgow MSP becomes the first Muslim leader of a major political party in the UK.
Favourite to lead Labour north of border calls backing the principle of a second referendum a "wheeze of a position".
Monica Lennon and Anas Sarwar join Rachel Wearmouth and Paul Waugh to discuss what Scottish Labour’s future is in Scotland and what they would do as the next Scottish Labour leader.
It comes amid speculation Scottish elections could be delayed.
He said the rest of the party must 'fit in' with Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour stalwart Dennis Skinner has backed Richard Leonard as the party’s next Scottish leader. The Bolsover MP said the rest
The first hustings I sat through was for the two Falkirk constituencies. Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard treated each other as Labour comrades should, laying out the elements of their particular vision for Scotland under Labour.
Here in Scotland, the Labour party is at long last reversing what felt like perpetual free-fall. It is climbing out of the doldrums, leaving the Tories for dust in the polls, and at last giving Nicola Sturgeon cause for concern.
I want us to focus on creating a country that fights inequality and fights injustice wherever we see it. That is only possible with a Labour government in Holyrood. And that is why I am standing to be the next Scottish Labour leader and our party's nominee for the next First Minister of Scotland.