11/09/2015 12:09 BST | Updated 08/09/2016 06:12 BST

Cameron's 'Efforts' Helping the Syrian Refugees

On Monday of this week, our Prime Minister announced that during his government he will offer refuge to 20,000 people fleeing the war in Syria. His "efforts" are being remarked as 'ridiculous', 'pathetic' and 'minimal' by many people who are in support of the 'Refugees Welcome' campaign which is sweeping the nation especially within the parties with a more left wing approach.

Many people are outraged at Cameron's "efforts" as other countries such as Germany have done a whole lot more to help ease the situation and offer these unfortunate people the help which they most deserve. Angela Merkel's government has announced that they will be spending a further 6bn euros and be giving safety to excess of 800,000 refugees. Last weekend alone her country took in excess of 10,000 refugees a day which is rather quite a comparison to the mere 12 a day our government has proposed earlier this week. David Cameron's change of heart is most likely from the pressure put on him by other EU countries as they believe that Cameron like the other developed states should take his fair share of refugees into Britain.

The media has been centered around the current 'crisis' in the "jungle" which is Calais. David Cameron's scheme does not help ease this situation in any way whatsoever. This is an issue practically on our border yet our PM is not willing to help resolve it in any way or form. This is because under his scheme of 12 refugees a day, he will not be bringing people in from the "jungle" but instead he will be bringing refugees from the UNHCR camps directly on Syria's border. This has again caused an outcry of grief towards Cameron and his government as he ignores the people on his door step who require immediate attention in respects of medication, food, clothing and shelter.

A tweet from one of the Lords from the HoL also admitted to the fact that under Cameron's farcical scheme, children and orphans who will be brought in as refugees will be deported once they turn 18. Our government in offering these children education, food, safety, housing and medical attention just to take that all away in the end? i would like to ask the Rt. Hon PM where he is planning to deport them to? back to Syria? to the country which has nothing left and frankly is no longer safe for human habitation?

The "efforts" by Cameron are farcical! This is not helping the long term or short, this is useless. We require immediate action to help those in need and not do the bare minimum just to impress our EU 'buddies'.