11/09/2013 13:10 BST | Updated 11/11/2013 05:12 GMT

The 10 People You WILL Meet at University

As Freshers week is fast approaching, you might want to take some time to acquaint yourself with the people you will inevitably meet...

In an odd oxy-moron everyone's university experience is both completely different and yet exactly the same. You'll come home from first term at Christmas, meet up with your school friends, start eagerly reciting everything that has happened and find that everyone has similar stories. Not only that, but all the people you have encountered at your university have an equivalent at all your friends unis as well. Very strange...

1) The waster

The person who seems to never have any classes, or at least never attends their classes. So called the waster due to their remarkable ability to waste time and rarely do anything productive. Often found drifting around campus, town or the flat completely unphased by the lack of work they do. Usually very sociable and can be found at any kind of gathering or event- because, well, it's not like they have any work to do.

2) The boffin

The waster's counterpart. Very rarely found at social events, unless they're in the library. A very hard working and conscientious student who does well and will undoubtedly go very far in life. They actually do the weekly reading, always know the answers and are very handy to do group projects with.

3) The party animal

Always suggesting a house party or night on the town and constantly in the know of where and when other house parties are happening, and who is going on said night on the town. Extremely fun but can be tiring to be around if you're more of a slippers-and-cuppa kind of person.

4) The genuinely nice one

Yes, they're literally lovely. Wouldn't hurt a fly, always offer you a lift- and half of their cookie. You can rely on them, they're trustworthy and a good shoulder to cry on/moan to in confidence. An all-round good egg.

5) The fit one

As in 'they'll be in the gym if you need them'. Or running round the local park. Or playing tennis. Or just off to do a quick 50 lengths. Or- you get the picture. As a result they are often fit in the other sense of the word too. But, it comes at a price- 7am jog anyone?

6) The bossy one

Either nagging you to tidy up constantly (but, to be fair, most student dwellings could use a good old spring clean) due to their neat-freak nature, or deciding where pre drinks will be held, at what time and then which club you're going to. They like to be in charge- of bill payments, of work projects and well, everything.

7) The life-planner

They've got it all mapped out. They're going to travel for six months after uni, then have an apprenticeship for a year before being promoted to a permanent employee. They'll get married at 26, have their first kid around 28 and another one, maybe two in their 30s. They're intimidating- making you feel horribly unprepared- you don't even know what you're going to have for dinner let alone what your kids are going to be called!

8) The snob

Went to private school. Knows Prince Harry. Or at least thinks they do. Buys food from M and S. Probably lives in the most expensive accommodation- must be ensuite- and has no concept of what a 'student budget' might be.

9) The politician

Has horrifically strong views and loves nothing more than a good old debate. Enjoys voicing their opinions, listening to others and then explaining to them why they are, in fact, wrong. It's not unusual for this person to be involved in university societies or the running of the Students Union, and they'll happily sign any petition that's in-line with their thoughts- which usually means they get things done!

10) The, erm, lover?

Often has 'guests' in the morning. That's it.

So, they all have their pros and cons and university wouldn't be the same without them.

But the question is, which one are you?

Written by Anna Pitts, a Marketing Assistant and Online Researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau who specialise in graduate jobs . Her work involves PR and outreach and writing informative, interesting advice based articles for graduates and students. Follow her on twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.