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Alan Grant

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Scottish writer and commentator covering popular culture and life in general.

When Can I Vote 'No' To More Referendums?

The year 2013-14 came with a reputation building licence for many who were trying to break into Scottish politics. Amidst the febrile atmosphere of the referendum, individuals from both sides, who were previously only known to political anoraks, became household names. Since then, Scottish politics has been infused with new talent, of varying degrees of quality, by incorporating those who stood up, spoke out, and helped make their case during those dramatic days
31/08/2017 17:38 BST

Men's Mental Health: Fighting Back On Both Fronts

For a lot of men, our way of coping with the problems we face is to embrace our manliness, we mock the things that scare us rather than deconstructing them, we create relationships with one another by teasing and engaging in a verbal kind of roughhousing.
24/07/2017 14:47 BST

Blaming Baby Boomers for Brexit Is Just Wrong

Perhaps losing this one will teach our younger generation that 'likes' do not equal votes and that no amount of memes can get you the policy that you want. Maybe, it could be a harsh lesson for a generation that is desperately in need of one.
27/06/2016 16:18 BST

The Age of the Boomerang Boys: Why So Many Young Men Live With Their Parents

Part of the reason that young men are still living 'at home' is economic. We have grown up against the backdrop of a severe recession that has robbed us of the cheap credit and plentiful homes that were available to the men that came before us. Our earning potential and job security has also been diminished - making the big move more unlikely than it was for previous generations. The economy has not been kind to the Boomerang Boys.
31/05/2016 12:26 BST

My Night at the North Hop Edinburgh Festival

We Scots don't have the best reputation when it comes to what we put into our bodies. It is said that smoke too much, take too little exercise, and that what most of us eat and drink would make our French and Italian comrades wince.
07/03/2016 09:50 GMT

Newspapers Might Be Dying but It Doesn't Have to Be Quick

As much some who live in the post-Leveson era are unkind to the newspapers and pour scorn upon them for bias, sensationalism and selective reporting - they are still worth defending. There is something relaxing about a newspaper in the way that it requires our undivided attention to use properly because when devouring news online we can become distracted by texts, tweets, pop-ups and other modern day nuisances.
16/02/2016 11:41 GMT

How the In Campaign Can Avoid Being Project Fear #2

The <em>Scotland Stronger In campaign</em> has, after all that, started on the right lines. The glib comments about being "<em>Project Cheer</em>" are exactly the kind of thing that will warm the Scottish people to it.
12/02/2016 20:01 GMT

How Free Speech Killed the BNP

The headlines make pretty grim reading. Britain seems to be mostly underwater, the threat of Islamic terrorism prevails, an evil universe version of a Sesame Street character is alarmingly close to the most powerful office in the world and it's getting nearer to the time of the year when it feels a bit weird to watch Christmas specials.
11/01/2016 13:03 GMT