Amelia Kallman


As an innovation and technology communicator, Amelia regularly writes and speaks on the future of business and brand experiences. She has lectured at Cambridge University, written an award-winning book, and directed the first cabaret show in Virtual Reality. Recent experiments include measuring the emotional data of people across generations as they experience virtual reality for the first time. Her writing is often featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Gulf Business, and Fresh Business Thinking.
Hashtag Serendipity: The Rise Of Experiential

Hashtag Serendipity: The Rise Of Experiential Retail

E-commerce has forever altered customer expectations, but now it's bricks and mortars changing the way we engage with brands. From engineered serendipity to personalised environments, new technologies are giving retailers the opportunity to deliver exciting, unique, and sharable experiences you can't get online or in an app.
24/04/2017 17:20 BST
Amazon Vs. eBay: Humans In The Rise Of Retail

Amazon Vs. eBay: Humans In The Rise Of Retail Automation

Online megastores, Amazon and eBay, are both experimenting with bringing their unique online models in-store. But these two digital retailers seem to have very different ideas about the role of humans in the future of their brand identity.
21/12/2016 16:58 GMT
Disruptopia: How Close Is

Disruptopia: How Close Is 'Westworld'?

Many people are already starting to live with an AI presence in their lives. The recent debut of the UK edition of Amazon Echo has created an undeniable buzz. What sets 'Alexa' apart from other voice-activated services like Siri, is that it can learn your preferences and routines, and start to anticipate your needs.
03/11/2016 16:04 GMT
Augmentality: How Pokémon Go Foreshadows the

Augmentality: How Pokémon Go Foreshadows the Future

One of the biggest challenges with new technologies is adoption and integration into our lives, with gamers and proud tech-geeks blazing the trails for society to eventually catch up. But with so many people around the world now sharing a common activity through Pokémon Go...
08/08/2016 12:30 BST