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Amy Longland

Partnerships Officer at MLMS

Partnerships Officer at MLMS

Giving Young People A Voice On Brexit

It is crucial that we now capture and garner the mobilisation of young people before they become disillusioned with a politics that continues to misrepresent the vast majority of them. We must ensure that the youth feel listened to in the negotiations, and that they have a say.
15/12/2016 17:07 GMT

A Call to All Students to Vote Remain

This is it. The time for us college goers, students, those travelling, working or studying across Europe. This is not a drill. Forget the mud-slinging of the campaigning, forget the Boris and Dave show, this is OUR futures and we must not allow someone else to make the decision for us. Thursday is the day we, finally, get the opportunity to vote whether to stay or leave the European Union.
22/06/2016 17:43 BST