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Andrew Shaw

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I am an industrious freelance journalist who has written for the Financial Times Group, the Huffington Post and various other newspapers, magazines and online news sites. I have a First Class Degree in Journalism and the NCTJ 'gold standard' Diploma, which includes 100wpm shorthand. Interested in a range of topics, including politics, history, sport, entertainment, travel and food. My blog, detailing some of history's more obscure events and people, can be found at
Why Can't May Cosy Up To Trump Like Macron

Why Can't May Cosy Up To Trump Like Macron Did?

What I find fascinating is the difference in tone many of these publications took when covering Theresa May's visit to Washington in January. Then, a leader of a large European country with a surprisingly fragile economy cosying up to Trump was seen as desperate. Now, it's being portrayed as a bromance. Why?
17/07/2017 15:33 BST