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Anne Longfield

Children's Commissioner for England

Children's Commissioner for England

EU Nationals' Children Must Not Be Used As Half A Million Brexit Bargaining Chips

If the EU genuinely want to resolve the question of residence rights of EU nationals, they need to separate out the two issues to enable a negotiation in good faith which can give certainty to the hundreds of thousands of children and their families left in limbo. Two more years of uncertainty is bad enough for adults worried about their future residency. For children, it feels even longer.
13/07/2017 08:23 BST

Young Carers Deserve Our Attention And Help

We need to offer young carers more across the country. We have long known of the heavy toll being a carer takes on children, something backed up by research published recently to mark Young Carers Awareness Day.
02/02/2017 08:53 GMT

The Internet Was Not Designed With Children In Mind - Let's Make It A Better And Safer Place For Them

The internet is a part of everyday life - and an incredible force for good. But it is irresponsible to let children roam in a world for which they're ill-prepared, which is subject to limited regulation and which is controlled by a small number of powerful organisations. It's critical children are educated better, understand what they're agreeing to when they join social media platforms and that their privacy is better protected. When it was created 25 years ago, the internet was not designed with children in mind but I believe the proposals in our report would help make it a better and safer place for children.
05/01/2017 07:16 GMT

Beware Internet Crazes

have suggested that parents should make themselves aware of the safety risks for younger teens playing the game. And this is the same message for the plethora of Internet crazes that we see emerging at regular intervals. What can seem like a lighthearted good laugh to start off with can often get out of hand.
22/07/2016 17:02 BST

Seeing the Child

All these children need our help. We need to listen to each and every one of them and where they cannot speak or are unable to voice their concerns, make sure we have in place mechanisms and techniques to enable them to do so. It is essential that all children are heard. The system must never forget that the person in front of them is not an adversary or an obstacle. The person in front of them is a child.
13/06/2016 15:30 BST

We Must Be Ambitious for Children in Trouble With the Law

Despite some good intentions, the current regimes struggle to go much further than containment. Our recent research found that too many children are spending time in isolation in a system which is closer to crowd control than the ambitions of personal development and recovery that we see in Taylor's report.
17/02/2016 17:33 GMT

Children's Commissioner for England's Predictions for 2016

I'm tasked in law with working in the interests of all of England's 11.5 million children, listening to what they say and championing their views to people who make decisions that affect them, so I have been considering what lies ahead for this nation's kids in 2016 and these are my predictions.
14/01/2016 17:00 GMT

Unlocking Potential: Children Held in Isolation

The BBC's latest film presents Mini's life as one long missed opportunity, in spite of his potential. My hope is that these changes help us to avoid turning out another generation of missed opportunities.
23/10/2015 16:46 BST

Growing Up Digital

Childhood has been transformed by technology. It has happened swiftly, in a creative but socially and legally disorganised way. Today iRights publish an important report examining these issues...
28/07/2015 16:47 BST

Families Needed Bringing Back From the Brink

As the Chancellor rose to his feet this afternoon to deliver the last Autumn Statement of this Parliament, he had a real opportunity in front of him - a chance to set out both a bold vision for the longer term and to help families struggling now.
04/12/2014 12:58 GMT

Schools Are Ours - Let's Open the Doors for the Childcare Families Need

As many parents of the children starting school for the first time this week will testify, arranging childcare for children when they are very young is not always the hardest part. It can be more difficult to arrange childcare during the school term as many of the families of more than 600,000 children beginning reception year have discovered.
03/09/2014 13:03 BST

Call the Health Visitor

Pregnancy and the birth of a baby can be a magical time for parents, full of hope for a bright future as they bring their newborn home from hospital. But the experience of pregnancy and becoming a parent can also be an anxious and uncertain time- especially with a first child.
04/07/2014 17:15 BST

Putting People, Not Process, First for Families

The Head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said on 22nd January that parents and families should take more responsibility for their own lives. It's a view I share. 4Children's own Family Commission told us that families, even very vulnerable families, want to be seen as part of the solution, not part of the problem.
23/01/2014 15:34 GMT