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Axel Antoni

Spokesperson for the3million

Spokesperson for the3million

Return To Sender - The Letter To The 3 Million EU Nationals

Theresa May reiterates that EU nationals will be able to stay. This is not news. This has been said for the last 10 months. For many EU nationals like me who have lived in this country for decades, a promise not to be deported is an affront rather than reassurance. The letter does not contain any more substance than that.
19/10/2017 11:34 BST

EU Citizens' Rights, Wasting Time Climbing A Molehill

Here we are, 15 months post referendum, the week after the Prime Minister's Florence Speech and at the end of the 4th round of negotiations with the EU on monetary obligations, Northern Ireland and EU nationals citizens' rights. As Michel Barnier said, the clock is ticking. This is the last chance to move on to the next stage of negotiations, progress is vital.
28/09/2017 11:17 BST

Extending Free Movement - One Big Muddle But No More Certainty

Whatever the new arrangement is called and whatever it entails though it does not deliver on what the government is hoping to achieve: certainty for employers. A new form of free movement post Brexit might be a reprieve but it does not tackle the main issues causing uncertainty in the first place.
01/08/2017 08:43 BST

Far Too Little, Far Too Late - Assessing Migration Of EU Nationals

It is worrying that the UK is negotiating without actually fully understanding the benefits EU nationals already here are bringing to the UK. There is great uncertainty among our members. The new report will not help to reduce this but is increasing the worries about the UK negotiating with limited information on what environment we need to convince the 3.2 million not to leave our current employers, whether it is the NHS or the private sector.
27/07/2017 16:22 BST