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Cassie Pearse

Mexico Cassie, enjoying the world, one adventure at a time

Cassie Pearse is a 30-something woman who has previously worked in international development and the third sector in the UK. She has travelled and lived all over the world. Cassie blogs about exploring Mexico and travelling with children. She might be attempting to write a book about exploring the Yucatan Peninsula with children. Read more about her at
How Do We Teach Children About

How Do We Teach Children About Consent?

So what are we doing to ensure our kids are never even close to a point where anyone could suggest their behaviour is bordering on sexual harassment? Well, from day one we have strictly upheld the mantras of 'no means no' and 'my body, my rules'. Our three year old daughter regularly tells us she doesn't want a goodnight kiss.
02/11/2017 14:50 GMT
Dear Woman Who Called Me A Bad

Dear Woman Who Called Me A Bad Mother

You told me I was a bad mother. You saw a snapshot in to my relationship with my five year old and you called me a bad mother. Actually, I think you called me a bad mother because I politely refused your offer of boiled sweets for my son and you didn't like the refusal. That isn't ok.
01/11/2017 18:05 GMT
Raising Feminist

Raising Feminist Sons

I know how to raise a strong woman because I am one. Raising a compassionate son who doesn't abuse his male privilege, who understands it, is the trickier prospect. Thankfully, I have a grown-up one of those in the house to help on this journey.
18/10/2017 08:06 BST
Still Marching For The

Still Marching For The EU

We have chosen not to take them to spontaneous Brexit protests but those organised, with permission, well in advance are a perfect place for our kids to cut their political teeth. The only thing I'm worried about is whether we will make our kids apolitical as they rebel against us when they're older!
12/09/2017 16:08 BST
Why We Take Our Kids To Celebrate

Why We Take Our Kids To Celebrate Pride

Last weekend we took our kids to celebrate Pride, as we do every year. When we told them what we were doing, our son, who is just five, responded with, "why do we always have to do adult things, why can't we do kid things sometimes?''
14/07/2017 07:52 BST
Reading With Your 'Just Reading'

Reading With Your 'Just Reading' Child

Here's a weird one: we all know that reading to/with our kids is a positive thing, but are there lines that shouldn't be overstepped? If you, the adult, have wonderful memories of childhood books, how should you proceed with your own children, instilling that same love of reading without foisting anything on them?
30/06/2017 08:47 BST
10 Best Family Travel Moments In

10 Best Family Travel Moments In Mexico

My family and I have just returned from six incredible months in Mexico. Our kids are five and just three. Here is a run down of my ten best moments:
22/05/2017 14:25 BST
Frequently Asked Questions: Extended Travel With Small

Frequently Asked Questions: Extended Travel With Small Children

Considering taking an extended foreign trip with small children? Not sure if it's right for your family? Look no further! I have compiled a list of the questions I've been asked the most since setting out on our adventure (and returning home). If you have a question I haven't answered, feel free to get in touch or post a comment and I'll get back to you.
04/05/2017 16:09 BST
Cooking In Merida,

Cooking In Merida, Mexico

I had an entirely different kind of adventure last week when I was invited to join a cooking class, which, needless to say, I jumped at. Who doesn't love a cooking class, especially one that involves wandering around the market gorging on all the delicious local foods before we even consider cooking for ourselves?
12/04/2017 12:02 BST
Trying, And Failing, To Assimilate Into Mexican Birthday

Trying, And Failing, To Assimilate Into Mexican Birthday Culture

So then they asked if we were taking our kids home early with us. We looked horrified and reminded them we were paying them to look after them. And then small one cried that she wanted to come home (ah ha, so you do understand Spanish you little beast!) so we took them with us, leaving a mountain of the detestable party bags rammed full of sweets.
13/03/2017 15:59 GMT
MY Favourite Eats Around The Yucatan

MY Favourite Eats Around The Yucatan Peninsula

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24/02/2017 14:59 GMT
Finding Fun For Kids In Merida,

Finding Fun For Kids In Merida, Mexico

Actually, come to think of it, maybe it isn't them who has an eternal quest for good playgrounds, but their dad and me, well, maybe just me. I am completely obsessed with trying to find the best play options for them.
13/02/2017 15:52 GMT
Our Different Methods Of Choosing

Our Different Methods Of Choosing Schools

Our son was due to start school in September 2016 had we not whisked him away for an adventure in Mexico instead. We didn't know he'd be gallivanting around the world rather than sensibly learning to read in the UK so we went through all the palaver of finding the perfect school for him/us/his sister for two years down the line.
07/02/2017 16:31 GMT
Lazy Games For Lazy

Lazy Games For Lazy Parents

One of the upsides of our extended trip away is that we get loads of time to spend with our kids. And, yeah, you guessed it, one of the downsides is loads of time to spend with our kids. They're still small (4.5 and almost 3) so there is a limit on how much they can entertain themselves, or each other.
30/01/2017 17:06 GMT
More Language Acquisition In

More Language Acquisition In Mexico

School tells us that the small one will ask to go to the loo in Spanish (or more likely, announce she's weed herself given her total disinterest in getting to the loo on time). The big one has been overheard speaking Spanish with his friends although he refuses to speak to the teachers in Spanish since he knows they speak English.
25/01/2017 15:18 GMT
Language Learning Through Immersion - How Do Children

Language Learning Through Immersion - How Do Children Cope?

For a variety of reasons, my family is currently in Merida, Mexico and our small kids (two and four) are in a local school where they are expected to learn and play in Spanish. Below, I document our journey from monolingual children to being in a position where we feel secure enough to leave our kids in an entirely Spanish environment.
17/01/2017 17:43 GMT
Considering A Foreign Adventure With Young

Considering A Foreign Adventure With Young Children?

The kids were super excited about the trip, they didn't complain, they loved the packing and they were fine saying goodbye to toys, family and friends. But, behaviour did take an understandable nosedive. They went from being pretty helpful and calm to being far trickier than normal.
13/01/2017 16:42 GMT