CJ Daugherty

Author of the international best-selling Night School series

CJ Daugherty is the author of the bestselling Night School series, and the co-writer of The Secret Fire. Night School has been translated into 22 languages and has been a bestseller in multiple countries. In a previous life, CJ worked as a crime reporter in the USA, and an editor and writer for Time Out in London. For a time, she also worked for the British government - but that's another story. The Night School books inspired a web series which you can watch for free on the You Tube Channel 'Night School Books'. @cj_daugherty www.cjdaugherty.com
When Are You Going to Write a Real

When Are You Going to Write a Real Book?

True young adult fiction is intended, as the name implies, to be read both by adults and those in their late teens. I do not make allowances for my young readers in my writing, and neither do most authors. The storylines are definitely not childish.
15/09/2015 10:29 BST
TV is Dead - Long Live

TV is Dead - Long Live YouTube

We visit YouTube too, of course, but there's a massive generational divide on this. According to a recent Ofcom study, teenagers watch half the amount of TV their parents watch. And they spend 600% more time watching online videos than adults. That is not a typo. Six hundred percent.
07/12/2014 21:09 GMT