Dale Bilson

Marketer, blogger, amateur author and occasional gym-goer

Dale Bilson's words have appeared inThe Times and Men's Health. Based near Birmingham, UK, his interests range from family and education to green tea and travel. He tweets at @dalebilson.

Marketer, blogger, amateur author and occasional gym-goer.

Currently working in marketing at a red brick university in the Midlands, Dale tweets, reads, runs, and forces himself to drink green tea. He dreams of a career as a writer, retreating to his writing hut each morning with a mug of coffee. But in reality he’d probably just stay in bed.

Twitter: @dalebilson
Let's Hear About the Dream of

Let's Hear About the Dream of Europe

Much of the political talk this past week has been of UKIP's ineptitude. The resignation that never was has now been followed by the sacking that never was, with Suzanne Evans unceremoniously dumped and inelegantly reinstated as a party spokesperson for the European separatists in the space of mere hours.
22/06/2015 11:43 BST
Pensioning Off Their

Pensioning Off Their Legacy

In the run up to this year's General Election, the UK's two main parties - Labour and the Conservatives - have traded the usual arguments and insults, drawing their battle lines and going to great lengths to highlight their differences.
23/02/2015 12:46 GMT

Scottish Takeover

On 18 September, the people of Scotland voted against independence. The Scottish National Party (SNP), created in 1934 with independence as its central goal, had lost. Yet just five months later, they are now positioned as one of the big potential winners in May's UK General Election.
12/02/2015 13:46 GMT
Free London

Free London Underground

If the calculations show that a job is obsolete, let's do something about it. Yes we need jobs. We need people doing work that is relevant, useful and advantageous to the economy. But not just any jobs, not jobs for the sake of having jobs, or because Bob Crow, with his ideological blinkers and fat pay check says so. We need real jobs, not artificial ones.
06/02/2014 12:28 GMT
Anatomy of a

Anatomy of a Twitterstorm

A funny thing happened to me over Christmas. After over 16,000 attempts, suddenly I tweeted something that went viral. At the last count it had received 1,231 retweets, and at midnight on Christmas Eve, I was trending 11th in the United Kingdom.
06/01/2014 12:26 GMT
Clearing Could Be the Making of

Clearing Could Be the Making of You

I cried a little. My mother cried a lot. My father, ever the pragmatist, just asked what I had to do next. I had no idea. I had a lump in my throat, and I felt ashamed. The only sensible thing seemed to go into school...
14/08/2013 17:39 BST
It Could Be You... But What if it

It Could Be You... But What if it Isn't?

Sitting on the train, contemplating how to spend my Euro Millions winnings ahead of 2013's biggest jackpot of £157m this week, my usual pre-draw euphoria was replaced by an unfamiliar and frightening realisation: that not only my dream purchases, but even some things I take for granted, could be at risk if I didn't win.
26/06/2013 15:54 BST
The Pressure of

The Pressure of Happiness

On the face of it, Louise Thompson, structured-reality television personality and underwear model, and Dr Anthony Seldon, noted academic and Headmaster of Wellington College, probably don't have an awful lot in common. But they do share one thing: a fixation with 'happiness'.
26/06/2013 11:02 BST
Twitter Does Not Make Twits - It Just Shows Them

Twitter Does Not Make Twits - It Just Shows Them Up

The front door is left open for anyone who wants to wander in and pass judgement. Your antics are recorded for posterity, so not only are your housemates able to watch your Spice Girls dance, but anyone who will ever know you could see it, too. Your beliefs, views, and actions are broadcast not just to those closest to you, but potentially to colleagues, strangers and even the police.
17/04/2013 17:30 BST
A Picture of

A Picture of 'Health'

I feel duty bound to highlight that it isn't just women who are expected to subject themselves to bizarre and often dangerous practices in order to look good on the pages of magazines.
11/04/2013 18:01 BST
Withheld Number, Withheld

Withheld Number, Withheld Responsibility

'Trolling' is not a new phenomenon. In fact I'm sure it is a practice which has existed ever since remote communication began. And the trollers have a tool which is even more powerful, and far more established, with which to terrorise their victims - the withheld number.
07/02/2013 15:53 GMT
Postgraduate Learnings for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Great

Postgraduate Learnings for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Great Britain

In the European Champions League of Postgraduate Education, Britain's poor conversion of undergraduates into postgraduates puts us alongside Andorra and Kazakhstan - the smallest nation in Europe, and a country made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen's ridiculous, sexist, homophobic and incestuous 'comic' character Borat.
04/11/2012 21:32 GMT
'Punch the Yellowist: Performance

'Punch the Yellowist: Performance Art'

There are only about three paintings on this planet that I am able to say that I 'like', but last week Vladimir Umanets, the Yellowist, decided that one of them wasn't quite good enough. So he decided to improve it, with the addition of some half-legible scribbling in one of its corners.
18/10/2012 09:29 BST
Education: The Endangered

Education: The Endangered Export

So, my logic tells me, the country has to as well. Interest rates, quantitive easing and stuff (yes, 'stuff') might paper over the cracks, but for the national bank balance to improve we need to bring more money in from the outside. From overseas.
13/09/2012 12:56 BST
Make the Most of it,

Make the Most of it, Kids

Learning your AS Level Organic Chemistry is tough, I admit, and yes, those shoes are pretty hideous, but that's nothing compared to what's waiting for you.
30/08/2012 10:09 BST