Daniel Warner



David Bowie, Princess Diana and a Boy on a Beach

The death of a very famous person or a very famous death, allow us to project our own emotions upon them. It can be easier to express our grief about someone we feel we know, or our outrage at some injustice to five hundred Facebook friends or a thousand twitter followers, than it can to be deal with the real emotions we are feeling.
11/01/2016 20:43 GMT

Unemployed and Middle Aged: Do We Face a Jobless Future?

When 'official' figures put UK unemployment at a five-year low and the government insist we are in the middle of a 'jobs boom', for those of us who have already had a career, there isn't a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
23/05/2014 11:04 BST

Why Political Correctness and 'Don't Say' Campaigns Are Just So Gay

I recently found myself being barred from Facebook for calling someone a 'dirty little fag'. It didn't matter that this person was a friend of mine and if truth be known, he really is a 'dirty little fag' but the PC police were watching and I found myself and my Facebook account suspended.
25/04/2014 17:22 BST

So What If Your Child May Be Gay? Get Over It

If I was to go and try and get my 'gayness' reversed it would probably open up a plethora of Pandora's boxes. There would be demons, there would be horror, there would be sin, lustfulness and an absolute shed load of glitter, feathers, fun and debauchery.
20/03/2014 10:07 GMT

Madonna, Macklemore And Gay Weddings At The Grammys

Let's go back to the beginning and start with Madonna and me. Against what some people think is the gay 'stereotype', I'm not really one of her fans. However, my actions after watching her arrival on the red carpet and then performance, I played true to stereotype and took to social media to comment on her appearance.
28/01/2014 15:46 GMT

Marks & Spencer, Muslims and a Matter of Taste

No one has the right to refuse to help or serve someone because their religion denotes what others should put in their shopping basket, trolley or mouth. A Marks & Spencer food hall is not a place to breed religious or racial intolerance.
23/12/2013 11:58 GMT

Nigella Lawson and Her Little White Lines

I'll be watching and listening intently to the animosity the case against those Grillo girls has generated between Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson, but in the meantime I'll be making the recipe for the 'Holiday Hotcake' that she tweeted yesterday (along with the #TeamNigella').
29/11/2013 13:26 GMT

When Did 'Gay' Become a Dirty Word?

I think the bigger issue is not how offended the gay community will be when a so called 'celebrity' lets rip with a homophobic rant but more the reasons why grown men deem being a receiver of swollen goods anything less than a life style of utter fabulousness?
21/11/2013 15:57 GMT

Have Attitudes Changed Towards HIV/AIDS Since the 1980's?

I'm 42 now and my attitude towards sex has changed and I'm confident in my sexuality. I'm also fully aware of the 'risks', and they are risks. I don't take my being HIV-negative for granted but I also don't allow a fear of HIV to stop me doing what I want to do. After twenty years I've finally realised that a penis isn't a murder weapon.
01/11/2013 13:00 GMT

Drinks? Lunch? Dinner? The Dilemma of the First Date

Recently I read that there is a simple way to tell if someone is really 'into' us, and not surprisingly, in a material world full of material girls (and boys), it supposedly depends on how much money and how much commitment we are willing to put into that initial meeting or on that all important first date.
14/07/2013 22:11 BST

The Devil is a (Would Be) Fashionista on the 5:2 Diet

My experiment of throwing myself back into the working world had gone horribly wrong. When you've already lived the high life you become adept at noticing the low life, the social climbers and those who are so insecure that they hide behind last seasons 'It Bag'.
20/06/2013 13:10 BST

In the Midst of a Mid Life Crisis

I'm hurtling towards my 42nd birthday. It's not even around the corner, it's standing right in front of me with a mean look on it's face and it's punching one fist into the palm of it's other hand. It looks like trouble, it looks like it means trouble and for all intents and purposes, it most probably is trouble.
30/05/2013 13:36 BST

The Perils of Online Dating and Why You Should Never Believe What You Read

Online dating is like a takeaway menu for the chronically obese ( and I don't mean to offend with that statement because there is most probably an online dating site for the 'chronically obese'). What I mean is that the choice and possibilities are endless. You could have Asian on a Monday, 'Suited & Booted' on a Tuesday, Naughty Nurses on a Wednesday and 'Big and Buxom' by Thursday.
08/05/2013 18:41 BST

If Sex Sells Then Why Aren't Gay Men Getting More Credit?

They say that sex is a great leveller, that when we're naked, vulnerable and lying prone on the bed, it doesn't matter who, what or where we are. We are all the same. All of us wonder what on earth got us here? Should we still be laying here? And should we really have kept our socks on?
24/04/2013 15:55 BST