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Darren Hughes

Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society

Darren Hughes is Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society.

We're At A Rare Point Of Consensus On The Need To Cut Down Our Supersized House Of Lords

Voters are sick of the Mother of All Parliaments being viewed as a members club for a small elite.  And every time we look at it we find a compelling case for change. Last month the ERS revealed that peers who haven't spoken in the Lords for an entire year have claimed nearly £1.3million in expenses and allowances. That only happens because Lords know there is no redress - there is no way for voters to hold them to account. There is an urgent need for the light of democratic accountability in our upper chamber.
19/10/2017 17:22 BST

June's Election Was The Third Strike For Westminster's Voting System. It's Out

People are switching their party allegiances at astonishing rates - and our voting system is failing to keep up. And all this undermines the faith voters have that that seats in Parliament will reflect the votes they cast.  This lottery approach to running elections means we have no idea what will happen or how votes will be reflected in our elected Commons.
30/08/2017 17:00 BST

Let's Close the EU Referendum Generation Gap

There's a stark generation gap in the EU referendum debate - and it's not getting better. New BMG Research polling we've released today shows younger people are totally disengaged from the debate - just 47% of 18-24 year olds say they will definitely vote, compared to 80% of those aged 65 or older - a huge 33 percentage point gap.
03/06/2016 15:53 BST

Thursday's Skewed Election Result Shows We Need to #MakeSeatsMatchVotes

Half the voters in Scotland put their cross next to parties other than the SNP, but the SNP took virtually all the seats, leaving a lot of Scottish voters unrepresented. It's not unreasonable to suggest our voting system is contributing to divisions within the UK - whether that's side-lined Labour voters in the South of England or disgruntled Tories north of the border.
10/05/2015 23:25 BST

Let's Make Voting for the 'Lesser Evil' a Thing of the Past

Under our current 'First Past the Post' voting system, a lot of people feel like their votes won't count unless they vote to keep someone else out... Our voting system works against smaller parties and encourages 'tactical' voting - simply opting for a candidate with the best chance of winning.
04/05/2015 22:07 BST