David Babbs

Executive Director 38 Degrees

David Babbs is the founding Executive Director of 38 Degrees. Since 38 Degrees launched in June 2009, it has grown to be an influential campaigning community of over 800,000 UK citizens. It has been credited with several notable campaign successes including the dropping of plans to privatise England's forests in February 2011.
38 Degrees Members are Not 'Zombie

38 Degrees Members are Not 'Zombie Like'

38 Degrees members believe that contacting our MPs and telling them what we think is what living in a democracy is all about. It's not only for certain sorts of people, from one or other end of the political spectrum. It's for all of us.
23/11/2011 12:35 GMT
Rupert Murdoch Has Made Me Feel

Rupert Murdoch Has Made Me Feel Optimistic

It feels like the public is finding its voice during this crisis. We've responded differently to how we did during the banking crisis or the MP expenses scandal. The mood has somehow felt different. There has been less resignation, less hopeless cynicism, and more appetite for action.
13/07/2011 23:17 BST