Dr Paul Thompson

Rector, Royal College of Art

Paul Thompson is the Rector of the Royal College of Art, the world’s most influential art and design institution. Prior to 2009, Paul was Director of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York (from 2001–9), and Director of the Design Museum in London (from 1993–2001). He is a Trustee of the Victoria and Albert Museum and is on the Ashmolean Museum Board of Visitors. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London.

Showcasing Creativity

June is always an exciting time of year for anyone working in design, as this month marks student degree shows in UK art and design universities. If you studied these subjects, cast your mind back to the effort that went into your final push, the excitement you felt at bringing all your hard work together in one last display.
22/06/2016 14:57 BST
In Defence of

In Defence of Innovation...

Innovation is too often used to mean 'new'. So many of the latest products are now called innovative, when actually, they are incremental upgrades. Innovation can, I admit, operate incrementally, but innovation in its true sense comes when an invention is transformed through design and radical user insights into a fully fledged new product or service.
13/02/2016 23:02 GMT