Edmond Terakopian

Multi award winning photojournalist, commercial photographer, and filmmaker

Edmond Terakopian started as a news photographer in 1989. Having worked up through the regional papers, he now supplies the national and international newspapers and magazines with images from stories in the UK and abroad. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions and has also been published in a number of books.

He has won four Kodak Press Awards, a M.I.L.K. award, the Prize of Prague and a Special Award from the Picture Editors’ Awards. In 2006 he added to his list of awards by being named the British Press Awards Photographer of the Year and also winning third place in the Spot News category of World Press Photo. His previous client list includes the biggest names in the industry, having regularly worked with Gamma, The Guardian, The Times, Associated Press, Agence France Presse, TES, The Daily Mirror, The Evening Standard and The Press Association. He is currently a London based stringer for Polaris Images. He has also been on the committee of the BPPA (British Press Photographers’ Association) for several years and teaches photography and digital processing workshops (both group & one on one bespoke) and has held workshops at the prestigious Leica Akademie in Mayfair.

His main website is http://www.terakopian.com and has a specific site for his film work http://www.teravision.eu He also runs a successful blog called “Photo This & That” and can be found on Twitter.
Is the UK Government Trying to Kill

Is the UK Government Trying to Kill Off Photographers

Regardless of if you're a proud parent taking pictures of your children or a professional photographer photographing news, weddings, portraits, landscapes and so on, all photographs uploaded to the internet will soon be in danger of getting stolen and used without your permission.
30/04/2013 12:04 BST
The Armenian Genocide; April 24,

The Armenian Genocide; April 24, 1915

As an Armenian and a human being, I find it sad that even almost 100 years on, the genocide of 1915 has still gone unrecognised by it's perpetrator and also the UK and US (considering just how many other countries recognise it happened makes the few denying it somewhat sad and suspect).
25/04/2013 11:57 BST