Emily Wasik

Writer & Digital Media Strategist based in Berlin - the 'other city that never sleeps'

Emily is an Australian freelance writer and digital media strategist based in Berlin - the 'other city that never sleeps'. Her writing has been featured in various publications from the likes of Interview Magazine to NPR to VICE Media to Slate to Disney to PSFK to Collectively to Atlas Obscura to Red Bull to MINI, across three continents - in NYC, Berlin, London and Brisbane, Australia. She specializes in telling stories, fostering engagement and creating a heightened level of awareness about culture, lifestyle, art, design, technology, film, fashion, music, innovation and travel, from the rooftops of NYC to abandoned spy stations in Berlin to giraffe hotels in Kenya, and all the hotspots in between. Check out more of her work at http://www.emilywasik.com or follow her on Twitter at @EmilieWasik.

Berlin's First Cannabis Cafe: Could Berlin Become the Next Amsterdam?

If Hermann's proposal gets approved in the near future, the "Berlin Wall of Pot" dividing the city's residents will come down, tourists will flock to the culture capital not just for the cheap living and turbulent nightlife but for cannabis cafes, and everyday Berliners will be able to pick up their ganja from a store counter, along with their milk and brötchen.
10/12/2013 12:57 GMT