Fran Brosan

Chairman at Omobono

Francesca (Fran) Brosan is Chairman of Omobono, the global creative and technology agency, a role she's held since starting the company at her kitchen table with co-founders Ben Dansie and Chris Butterworth in 2001. Splitting her time between Omobono’s offices in Cambridge, London and Chicago, Fran’s focus is now on advising clients on the strategic role that digital communications and technologies can play in strengthening business performance.

Fran was previously a Board Director at consumer ad agency WCRS and Managing Director of B2B specialists, Warman & Bannister.
She is author of Omobono’s award winning research programme ‘What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing’ and has 3 IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards to her name. She is a BIMA’15 Hot 100 Women in Technology and most recently has been made a Fellow of The Marketing Society.
As mother of four daughters Fran has a particular interest in promoting women in the workplace and in encouraging young people into the creative industries.
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