Gerry Flynn

Writer, blogger, nicotine enthusiast

Gerry is a whiskey-soaked misanthropic writer; cynical from struggling with his first novel and the money for another packet of cigarettes. He does not own a house, a car or even a shred of dignity, but remains the proud owner of an over-active bile duct and a fine collection of second hand books. Housebroken, hung-over and hopeless, he is a festering wound on the bloated carcass of society.
Of Refugees and

Of Refugees and Realities

Somewhere as a species we made a wrong turn and ventured forth down a bleak alley that leads to the veritable knife fight in a skip that modern society is becoming. Because what else are money, economics, politics, state borders and so on, but a fiction in which we collectively believe.
11/09/2015 15:40 BST
The UK General Election in

The UK General Election in Review

Like everyone else who doesn't have a high wall to hide behind when the country's poorest eventually resort to sexually violent cannibalistic rioting, I was quite disappointed by the 2015 General Elections.
02/06/2015 15:58 BST
Sunshine and Idiocy on the Campaign

Sunshine and Idiocy on the Campaign Trail

There are nearly 63.5 million people who will be subjected to the wrath of our own collective idiocy, so maybe if you don't feel like you understand what you're doing on the 7th of May then perhaps you should just stay at home and drop trou and have yourself a good time - at least that way you'll only be fucking yourself.
23/04/2015 10:46 BST