Holly Matthews

Actress, Vlogger, Speaker, Mindset Coach, Mum of 2 and tiny human.


I started as an actress at 11 years old in BBC's Byker Grove, a children's drama that won a host of awards, playing the character Emma miller for 7 years.

I signed to Sony UK at 19 and released a top 30 single under the name Summer Matthews, appearing on shows such as Top of The Pops, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, CBBC, CBEEBIES and Lorraine.

Appeared in countless uk magazines to promote my single including Elle, OK and Top of The Pops Magazine.

Continued as an actress with appearances on popular shows such as Waterloo road (Series 2 Leigh-Ann Galloway), BBC Casualty (Gina), Doctors (Connie), ITV's The Bill (Josie) and Criminal Justice (Alex Guthrie)

Was a CBEEBIES radio presenter (under 5's radio show for the BBC)

In the last 5 years I have focused on Mindset coaching to private clients, vlogging, blogging and working with prestigious brands.

My YouTube channel has well over 1.2 million views and I have over 50'000 engaged followers on social media.

I run my own self development academy, The Bossing it! Academy with life coach and psychologist Caroline Hardwick, which has a host of celebrities and influencers coming through it's doors

Few facts about me:

✔️I'm a Mum/Mom of 2 girls (Brooke is 5, Texas is 3)
✔️I'm English which means I drink sh*t loads of tea
✔️I hate mushrooms
✔️My husband has grade 4 brain cancer
✔️I love Law in Order, special victims unit
✔️A video of my daughter shouting at the UK Prime Minister went viral
✔️I'm often seen carrying a hot water bottle, as I'm eternally cold
✔️I'm a tiny human 5ft 1 47kg
✔️I f*cking love my life (and swearing!)
Lessons From The

Lessons From The Hospice

Before making the decision to move Ross into a hospice, I was caring for him at home and feeling pretty useless. Being able to allow Ross to be given the care he deserves has allowed me to have some much needed quality time and be free to be his wife, not his carer.
04/07/2017 11:54 BST

Snowflakes Unite!

I am well aware I am going to be called a lefty, liberal snowflake and be sent tweets about how Isis will bomb my family (and yes, I have had that tweeted to me before!) but it starts with us connecting as human beings and doing what's right.
15/02/2017 08:11 GMT
One Million Likes, But We Don't Like

One Million Likes, But We Don't Like Ourselves

I am in a rather unique position of having grown up on television in a time when people really didn't go on television. A time when people didn't really have Sky TV and access to thousands of channels, with unlimited choice, in the way we do now.
10/02/2017 14:17 GMT