Ian McMullon

Director, Access Group

Ian McMullon founded PeoplePlanner in 2006 with friend and colleague Clive Ward to provide a software solution to care sector that was like no other.

Ian set about developing that solution, drawing on years of relevant experience in the sector from his time designing and developing software for manned guarding business Rentokil Initial. After more than two years of programming and testing, the solution, called PeoplePlanner, was launched.
Ian has overseen the rapid growth of PeoplePlanner to over 40,000 users, and has achieved sole provider status with three national franchise groups, and one of the UK's Largest Domiciliary Care Providers.

In 2013 Ian oversaw the acquisition of PeoplePlanner by Access Group, where he remains, heading up the development and day-to-day management of PeoplePlanner.
Overcoming the Energy Crisis in the

Overcoming the Energy Crisis in the Office

Normal productivity is like a jog; you are keeping pace and completing work at an adequate level. However, when faced with what seems like an overwhelming pile of work to get through, or if you just feel like being particularly productive, a sprint can help maximise your output and increase your motivation.
19/11/2014 16:13 GMT
Sharing Is Caring: Quality at the Heart of Reformed Care

Sharing Is Caring: Quality at the Heart of Reformed Care Act

With the Care Act 2014 recently approved by Parliament and in receipt of Royal Assent , the way that care is provided is facing some fundamental changes. People using or looking for care services are being given a lot more choice in how they fund their care and will be able to access more information, allowing them to easily compare the quality of potential services.
19/08/2014 14:03 BST