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Jaelithe Leigh-Brown

Happiness Coach and Author

Giving you and your son/daughter superpowers to be happy and confident for life. Bullying, anxiety, making friends, exams and pressure to constantly achieve can make our children miserable. Try my coaching, courses, books, yoga and meditations to feel better every day, so you can enjoy your life and be proud of who you are.

The Power of Praise

All my life I’ve been put down. Comments such as, “you can’t do that”, “you’re not good enough”, and “who do you think you
04/12/2017 10:45 GMT

The Book Of Life

The good times are there to soak up and savour. You don't need to rush through them. Take time to enjoy them, because it's the memories of the great moments that can help you through the difficult times. They also give you something to hope for.
18/10/2017 13:39 BST

Why The Zombie Apocalypse Is Already Here

I believe that most of us are the walking dead. I was one of them. I was in a job that made me miserable, but I kept on at it, thinking that hard work would turn it all around. I'd done well at school, did well in my degree and then carried on to do a post-graduate diploma.
28/09/2017 11:26 BST

Dear Big, Wide World - Please Look After My Daughter

As I think about my daughter, Eden, heading towards the school gates, I want to soak up the memories of the fun times we've had together. The cuddles, the days out, the stories and just being able to see her grow into the amazing little girl she is today.
04/09/2017 10:34 BST

A Message For Teenagers Getting Their Results

If you haven't done as well as you'd have liked, then still pat yourself on the back for your effort. If you know in your heart that you did your best, then know that that's all you can do in life. Other people's opinions of your grades and effort are none of your business, especially if they make you doubt your worth.
24/08/2017 11:43 BST

The Words From Yoda You Need To Remember For Life

My own self belief has wavered in life. The toughest times were as a teenager, then as a new mum. I listened to the opinions of others too much and didn't believe in myself. I felt that I was missing some special quality to achieve what I wanted to, or that things had to be hard. Guess what? That's what I got.
17/08/2017 11:21 BST

Why Wonder Woman Is A Great Role Model

Wonder Woman faces fear and does what she can to put things right, by choosing love. So many people hold themselves back and don't go for their dreams due to fear of failure, or fear of success. We doubt our own strength and live behind the shadows of fear, too scared to stand up for what we believe in. Too scared to love ourselves.
07/07/2017 15:22 BST

My Four Year Old Daughter Had The Monday Morning Blues

So, if you're in a job you don't enjoy, then you can change it, or focus on the positives of what the job brings you right now and do your best to feel better each day. Take time out to have fun and do what makes you happy. When you're feeling better, you have a more positive outlook.
19/05/2017 14:32 BST

Why Our Kids Shouldn't Be Defined By Their Results

Luckily, as a nearly-40-year-old I know what to do to get over the feelings of not being good enough. I've spent the last few months coaching teenage girls to get over the same. They've started their exams this week and in every coaching session I've told them that their grades don't define them.
09/05/2017 12:07 BST

It's Time To Put Kids' Mental Health First

I teach children and teenagers how to meditate and do yoga - two key techniques to help them stay calm, focused and positive. These are the techniques that I've used to get me through personal bereavement and my own health scares.
28/04/2017 15:20 BST

How To Stop Caring About What Others Think

I don't know why we feel that we have a right to say cruel things to others, but just this week I've had teenage girls express their heartache that their parents 'weren't bothered' when they told them they'd got the highest marks possible in their mock exams.
07/04/2017 14:58 BST

The Truth About Being A Mum

Part of me wanted to write a letter to my own mum, thanking her for being such a wonderful, strong role model. The other part of me wanted to write about the harsh realities that being a mum entails.
24/03/2017 14:31 GMT