James Snell

"High Society" columnist, The Transnational Review

James Snell is a journalist and student from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. A blogger for the Huffington Post UK‎, he has served as a Contributing Editor of The Libertarian and columnist for The Backbencher.

His work has also appeared on Trending Central, where he has written a fortnightly column, The American Spectator, New Humanist, Left Foot Forward, The Daily Caller, Libertarian Home, DL Magazine, Harry’s Place and Free Inquiry magazine — among others. He also writes the "High Society" column for The Transnational Review, a journal of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

He likes being an iconoclast; enjoys books, music and vindication. His favourite writers include: Winston Churchill, Christopher Hitchens and Boris Johnson. Follow him on Twitter @James_P_Snell.