Jane Mountain

Blogger, Food Lover, Bicycle Adventurer

Jane Mountain is a blogger who is passionate about food, the environment, our health and the connection between the three. She loves to travel, but doesn't love the negative repercussions of tourism on the environment. To reduce this impact while still getting to travel, she is cycling the world with her husband, Stephen Ewashkiw. Along the way, she'll be trying as many different foods as she can.
Three Amazing Getaways In

Three Amazing Getaways In Cambodia

With the ongoing turmoil in Thailand, many tourists are wondering where to go for their exotic beach vacations this summer. The answer is easy: head next door to Cambodia, where the prices are cheaper, the land is more pristine, and the people are friendlier.
10/06/2014 17:11 BST
The Nasty Truth About Animal Tourism in

The Nasty Truth About Animal Tourism in Thailand

We are at Elephant Nature Park, just outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. It's a rescue centre and sanctuary for Asian elephants who have been abused or injured on the job. It also might be the only truly animal-friendly attraction in Thailand.
14/04/2014 13:48 BST
The Five Best Reasons to Visit

The Five Best Reasons to Visit China

Having always lived in places where, by and large, we fit in, cycling through China, where we couldn't have stuck out more if we'd tried, was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. We'll never forget it.
14/02/2014 14:30 GMT
Surviving the Street Food in

Surviving the Street Food in China

Wherever we go, people pepper Stephen and me with a steady stream of questions about our worldwide bicycle trip. One of the most asked is "Have you ever gotten sick from the food?" So far, the answer is no, and we're crossing our fingers that it stays that way.
12/01/2014 22:47 GMT
Eating Vegetarian in

Eating Vegetarian in China

We've spent all day on the bus, with nothing to eat. Instead of stuffing our faces as soon as the driver set us free in Xi'an, we chose, insanely, to first cycle through the wild streets in search of our hostel. Now we are in an emergency situation. We must eat before all systems shut down for good.
28/11/2013 12:19 GMT
Chinese Whispers: The Art of Communicating as a Foreigner

Chinese Whispers: The Art of Communicating as a Foreigner China

The policeman comes into our room. It's almost 10pm, and we have been at the hotel for five hours, but it is clear that there is something he needs urgently. He says a few things to us in Chinese. We give him our now well-practiced blank stares of incomprehension.
20/11/2013 14:19 GMT
Tall Girl in

Tall Girl in China

In China, we are Foreign Tourists, with a capital FT. There is no way to disguise it, to pretend we belong here, to go unnoticed in a crowd. Still, we are surprised by how rare the sight of a non-Asian tourist is on the streets of Beijing. So much so, that after a few days, we start to do as the Chinese do, and gape openly at any white people we see.
13/11/2013 11:32 GMT
Our Favourite Places:

Our Favourite Places: Poland

In Poland, we crossed the country from south to north, finding a huge variety of landscapes and experiences we hope to revisit one day.
04/11/2013 14:48 GMT
Our Favourite Places:

Our Favourite Places: Hungary

Hungary, a country that is known for her magnificent capital city and not much else. But we soon discovered that Hungary is far more than just Budapest.
07/10/2013 14:24 BST
Our Favourite Places:

Our Favourite Places: Slovenia

In the winter there is skiing. In the summer, you can take a cable car to the top and hike through the alpine meadows, admire the wildflowers, throw snowballs at your friends, and visit the herder's settlements to view their unique wooden huts.
24/09/2013 17:17 BST
Our Favourite Places:

Our Favourite Places: Croatia

The best thing about bicycle touring is the contrast. You experience the discomfort of being outdoors in all kinds of weather, eat a variety of strange foods, both good and bad, and sleep in lots of unorthodox places. With the first leg of our bicycle tour, from Rome to Russia, behind us, Stephen and I have been reflecting on the best food, drink, and accommodation we've had.
04/09/2013 17:27 BST
Our Favourite Places:

Our Favourite Places: Italy

On a bike tour, the discomfort caused by lack of food, tough roads, and bad weather makes the comfort given by great meals, relaxing stops, and warm beds all the more pleasurable. Stephen and I have just finished the first leg of our world cycling tour, riding from Rome to Russia, and we've had the chance to discover a little greatness in every country we've seen.
12/08/2013 14:58 BST
How to Get Along With Your Travel

How to Get Along With Your Travel Partner

You won't be able to avoid all arguments and squabbles while you're travelling, and it wouldn't be great for your mental health to try. But with a little practice, you can erase most of the unnecessary bickering and resentment, and truly enjoy each others' company day after day after day after...
28/05/2013 11:47 BST
It's Not A Holiday, It's A Bicycle

It's Not A Holiday, It's A Bicycle Tour

Don't be mistaken, an extended adventure trip is not the same thing as a holiday. If you're hoping to take six months off to relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries, book a hut on Tahiti and stay there. You might be bored, sure, but you'll be rested.
23/04/2013 16:40 BST
From Rome to Russia by

From Rome to Russia by Bicycle

Starting in March 2013, my husband Stephen and I are planning to fly to Rome, mount our bicycles, and pedal. Roughly six months later, we hope to arrive in St. Petersburg. And that's just for starters. We're trading in our house and two cars for a tent and two bikes and we don't know when (or where) we'll have a solid roof over our heads again. I know what you're thinking. Why?
14/03/2013 17:45 GMT