Jem Bendell

Founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria and Director of Trimantium Capital

Theresa May And The Myth Of

Theresa May And The Myth Of Hyperleadership

During the campaign, no Conservative politician has appeared in the media without repeating the phrase "strong and stable leadership," and making the case that the election is simply a choice of leader, rather than competing party philosophies, priorities and policy programmes.
29/05/2017 15:39 BST
Democracy Demands a Richer

Democracy Demands a Richer Britain

Members of Parliament don't need to have all the answers. Better if they don't. But the onus is on them - as elected representatives - to start an urgent conversation with people about how to reshape our economy for a richer Britain. If citizens sense this could be the beginning of a new participation, then 2016 could yet go down in history as the start of a revival of Western democracy.
02/12/2016 13:08 GMT
Why New Labour And Talk Of Austerity Must

Why New Labour And Talk Of Austerity Must Go

When Labour speaks - at the national, regional and local level - it needs to explain how government has been failing families across the board and how this can be fixed. A continued pre-occupation with austerity won't cut it going forwards.
13/10/2016 17:47 BST
Drug Pricing Threatens Political Flashpoint For

Drug Pricing Threatens Political Flashpoint For Labour

More funding for the NHS will not build a healthier nation if it leaks straight into the pockets of drug companies. The wellbeing of Britain requires the political will to strike a fair balance between private profit and public benefit.
24/08/2016 15:08 BST
Retiring Trident Is a Defence

Retiring Trident Is a Defence Imperative

Renewing Trident will not de facto keep us safe. Conversely, it risks sacrificing the naval power that tomorrow's security risks demand. True patriotism involves engaging with the way the world is, not playing old war games with taxpayers' billions.
24/01/2016 11:39 GMT