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Jen Faulkner has never been afraid to tell it how it is, and so writing was the perfect choice of career. After fifteen years as a primary school teacher she finally bit the bullet and completed a Masters in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, where she was fortunate to be tutored by Fay Weldon and was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbitt prize for the best manuscript submission. She blogs at and for the Huffington post, something she initially started when suffering with post-natal depression to help her deal with life as a mum of three children, two of whom have a rare genetic condition that has given her an unexpected interest in genome sequencing. Jen runs creative writing classes at a local charity for mums with post-natal depression and has published a children’s book called ‘A Monster Ate My Mum,’ which is now used by the Royal College of General Practitioners and several charities as a tool to help unwell mothers, as well as being placed in many mother and baby units. When she is not writing she can usually be found in the kitchen, often with cake.
Dresses And

Dresses And Trousers...

We live in a world full to bursting with diversity and to deny any child experience of that is dangerous in my opinion. How about teaching children to accept everyone? And that there are no rules about clothing and gender?
12/09/2017 10:33 BST
Is Sibling Rivalry Really So

Is Sibling Rivalry Really So Bad?

Don't get me wrong, my children are very pleased to have siblings, but sometimes I think they'd rather not have them around all of the time. Rivalry between people who share blood is inevitable. Even the most placid of personalities can be riled by those closest to them and as a parent it can be frustrating and upsetting to watch.
02/07/2017 21:12 BST
Homework Belongs In The Bin. End

Homework Belongs In The Bin. End Of

Yes homework should be banned. I have said it before and I'll say it again - children need to be allowed to be children. The school day is jam packed enough with academic and educational lessons, and in my opinion that is where it needs to stay.
30/01/2017 14:19 GMT
Why Is Turning Forty A Big

Why Is Turning Forty A Big Deal?

And recently, aged thirty-nine I had a bit of a panic when a random blood sugar level test came back abnormally high. My life flashed before me again (yes, I am over dramatic when it comes to my health, did I not mention that?) and I spent hours crying over what I had done to my body by comfort eating and binge drinking over the years
26/01/2017 17:34 GMT
Since When Did Skinny Equal

Since When Did Skinny Equal Healthy?

If you are doing Dry January or are giving up refined sugar then I applaud you, but please do it for your health, and don't for one minute think you'll be happier if and when you are skinny. It doesn't work like that.
12/01/2017 16:58 GMT
How Much Do You Measure Your Self Worth Against The Successes Of Your

How Much Do You Measure Your Self Worth Against The Successes Of Your Children?

Every child deserves to be given the same opportunities in life, the same chances to find their unique talent, to enjoy something for them, not because their parents push them into the limelight and then take credit for their achievements. As a parent we are biologically programmed to be proud of our children for any achievement.
15/12/2016 16:50 GMT