Jo Ivens

Brighton & Hove charity CEO

Chief Exec of Brighton & Hove Impetus. We connect people to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing through befriending, mentoring, advocacy, supported volunteering, community navigation, training.

Loving seeing the world afresh through my two year old's eyes. Nothing is better than watching a gig in a field.

Landed in Brighton from Norfolk via Leicester, London, Melbourne.
Big Charities Are Spoiling Things for Small

Big Charities Are Spoiling Things for Small Ones

Of course I know that 'Charity Does A Good Job' and 'No Governance Concerns At Charity' are not juicy headlines, but what I take from all of this is that it seems that most people writing (and reading?) about charities don't actually know much about charities, about the reality of running a charity, working in a charity, or receiving services or support from a charity.
09/02/2016 18:10 GMT
Mourning on

Mourning on Wheels

A year ago this week our mum died after she lost her third bout with Lymphoma. Today, in her memory, I set off on a 153-mile charity bike ride with one of my sisters, from the London hospital where mum had life-saving treatment in the 1980s to the Norwich hospital where she was cared for at the end of her life.
04/06/2015 17:43 BST